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Alex on Flowers
Well done! Clean Clean shot. Great light.

LeBohemien on Walking on thin ice
Thanks Elena!

LeBohemien on Miniature Refuge
Thanks Peter. I really enjoyed my stays on the Greek isles, wish I could go there now rather than staying in cold ...

LeBohemien on Sitar Player.
Thank you SKHallisey and Jim!

jim on Sitar Player.
this is a very beautiful image, my friend.

SKHallisey on Sitar Player.
great shot, i lvoe the depth of field's emphasis on the face, but obscures the neck

LeBohemien on Age
Well, actually the old lady just happened to pass by when I pointed my lens in the general direction, and as I was ...

SKHallisey on Age
i have yet to see the movie, i fully intend to however. i find it amusing that you see a movie about old people, which ...

peter on Miniature Refuge
love the tilt shift effect and seeing the greek isles makes me want to go back for a visit!

Elena Kotrotsou on Walking on thin ice
oh they are so cute!

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